As I approach each event, no matter how big or small, it comes with a fresh invested perspective and creative inspiration. My love of this extraordinary profession comes through in everything I do. I believe in creating what’s timeless so that when you think about your event years down the road, it is with that very same exuberant smile you had on your wedding day.

Lindsay George is a thoughtful worldwide Wedding Planner based in South Carolina. With her expertise and background in management and leadership, you can be certain that you are understood. Skilled in the art of blending the traditional and modern- creating a timeless and one of a kind experiences. Coupling that with a steady and thorough process allows for the planning process to be elevated and joyful. 

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Where traditional meets modern

Designer of weddings and things originative. For the timeless creatives.





Well into married life, I found myself helping friends and friends-of-friends’ weddings; and after seeing the culmination of creativity and planning, I was hooked. I haven’t looked back. I found this career after years of doing what I was good at, but not what I was passionate about. Now, having both, it’s fun to get up daily and bring others joy. 

lindsay george


I can't wait to serve you!